Rekindling the Faith

Grow in Faith at “Rekindling the Faith”

This gathering normally happens every Tuesday evening (7pm-8:30pm) in the Board Rm.  NOT MEETING CURRENTLY.

 Each week, parishioners come together to learn about their Catholic faith, to share their own experience as Catholics in today’s world, and to join their hearts in community prayer. Through the years, parishioners have learned about their Catholic faith by reading sections of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, by exploring the works of renowned Catholic authors, and by reading inspiring & insightful biographies of the saints.  Rekindling the Faith offers an environment where the traditions & teachings of the Church meet our day-to-day joys and challenges as faithful Catholics. RTF renews, and indeed, rekindles.

Any questions, please call Patty Papke @680-3134 for more information.