Affton Christian Food Pantry

Visit Our Neighbors...Affton Christian Food Pantry
 Did you know that volunteers from Seven Holy Founders gave more than 734 hours of their time
serving the Affton Christian Food Pantry in 2017?
 Have you ever heard of the pantry?
 Have you ever been to the pantry to look around?
 If you haven’t, then here is your opportunity.
On February 12th the Affton Christian Food Pantry will hold a “Come and See” tour for members of
Seven Holy Founders Church.
This will be held at 7pm on February 12th. There will be a short tour of the pantry and an opportunity
to answer any questions you may have.
Join us and see this wonderful site that serves our neighbors in need.
The pantry is located on the grounds of St. George Church at 4960 Heege Rd.
Questions please call Melanie Fechter @ 283-5719.

Our St. Vincent de Paul Society supports the Affton Christian Food Pantry (ACFP). The AFCP serves families that reside in the 63123 zip code and is supported by its fifteen member churches, one of which is SHF. Operating out of the St. George Parish Center, the Pantry serves over 250 families every two weeks. During the summer months donations of food are usually small, but the demand is greater because the children cannot participate in their school lunch programs. The Pantry particularly needs donations of pasta, pasta sauce, beef stew, chili, tuna, mac and cheese, peanut butter, cereal, meal supplements, fruit, and toilet paper. Every year SHF fills a ACFP Van with donations from our parishioners.