Feed the Poor

SHF cooking teams serve two different places: 
St. Vincent Depaul Church has a feeding program for the poor.  Every month (from the 22nd thru the 1st of the following month), they serve sit-down meals to the hungry and homeless of our area. Volunteers from SHF cook the meals and help serve guests twice a month.

Garfield House is a place in the city where 25 chronically homeless men & women have found a home.  They are taught everyday skills that are needed to eventually get to a place of their own.  Dinners are needed every day of the week for the residents and the workers.  We currently cook twice a month and could always use help for another night of meals.  Please contact Genie Swanston @ 314/952/1080 or sixswans@sbcglobal.net.




Cook-In Teams 1 & 2 transport meals to homeless shelters.
Cook-In Team #1: Chris Luzecky  314/849/8224 cluzecky@yahoo.com                                                       Cook-In Team #2: Karen Manson 314/842/2679