Pro Life

We can always use more volunteers at "40 days for Life" campaign.   You Can Help Save Lives! The "40 days for Life" is held in the fall.   We will be uniting with others in our city, in cities nationwide and in other countries, for a massive coordinated pro-life effort to fight abortion. Our efforts begin with prayer and fasting. You can pray individually, such as in your home or car, in a group, and at the abortion facility. Fasting can be in the form of giving up something that may separate you from God such as TV, caffeine or alcohol. The most visible part of the campaign is the peaceful prayer vigil outside the  Planned Parenthood abortion facility at Forest Park and Boyle every day for 40 days. 

Please contact Karen Palazzola @ 314/805/5047 or Mary Wilper @ 314/638/9515 for more information.

For more information about “40 Days for Life”.  Visit You can help make a life-saving impact with your prayers, fasting, and presence at Planned Parenthood.
 Thank you.