Updating Parish Records

SHF is updating all parishioner records before publishing our 90th Anniversary Pictorial Directory.          Please let us know if your information needs to be changed.
 Have you given up your land line for a cell phone?
 Have you moved to a new home?
 Is there any other information that should be updated
on your parish record?
If you DO NOT WANT YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK, please indicate on the form.  If we do not hear
from you, your information will be listed in the Directory. ONLY ACTIVE PARISHIONERS already on our mailing list will be included. If you want your phone listed as UNLISTED...PLEASE LET US
KNOW. Also…..Would you like the parish to have your email address so you can receive notices of parish funerals and special announcements?
(Emails will not be placed in the directory, shared with others or used for advertising purposes!)

Click here to fill out form online/_modules/form.php?id=34

Parishioner Information Update Form is also in bulletin.  Please return form to the Rectory Office as soon as possible.