Father Don's letter

From Fr. Don:
As a retired priest of the Archdiocese, I will be leaving my rectory here and will be moving into the
priest’s retirement home, Regina Cleri.

I have been at Seven Holy Founders since retirement at age 75, and have lived and ministered                  to this parish for about the last three years, assisting under the direction of Fr. John, our Pastor. In that time I have become extremely fond of our parish and it is with great regret that I leave this really outstanding community.

However, since Regina Cleri is only about ten minutes away, I still intend to be back here frequently,
that is with Fr. John’s approval. With age I have slowed down, have less strength, and an even poorer
memory than I once had. The care and comfort of Regina Cleri will be a blessing.

I still hope to see all of you regularly. There are still many homes that I have yet to visit and bless. With
God’s direction we will see about that.