Electronics Recycling Drive

Electronics Recycling Drive
Saturday, June 16th
9am to 12 Noon SHF Parking Lot

Ever wonder what to do with your old computer,
TV, printer, stereo, scanner, fax machine,
cell phone, VCR or even a broken coffee pot?
Bring it for easy drop-off collection and recycling. Items
accepted for recycling include most electronic equipment
and small household appliances.
Tube TVs, Big Screen TVs have a fee of $20 (cash
only) and CTR/Tube Computer Monitors have a $10
each fee (cash only). All other items recycled free
of charge.
 All other equipment is recycled free of charge!!!
 Recycling process includes secure data
destruction and zero landfill!!!
 Call Spectrum Ecycle Solutions for more info.
@428-0777 or www.spectrumecycle.com