Women's ACTS

 Seven Holy Founders Women’s ACTS Retreat

Who: Any woman is invited to attend including women from other parishes. Bring family and friends along.  Non-Catholic Christians are also welcome.

What: The retreat is a two and one-half day lay-organized and led Catholic retreat for adult women. No particular knowledge of the faith is assumed or required.

When: The retreat begins Thursday at 6:00 PM at Seven Holy Founders Church and ends Sunday with a community lunch after the 11:00 AM Mass at Seven Holy Founders Church.

Where: Pallottine Retreat Center, 15270 Old Halls Ferry Rd, Florissant, MO   (pallottinerenewal.org)  This picturesque setting is located on 83 acres. Modern accommodations include private room and all meals are included. Transportation to and from the retreat is provided.

Why: The retreat gives us a chance to strengthen our faith while enjoying the fellowship of other women.


It is an opportunity to get away from the daily grind and refresh our spiritual life. There will be various speakers, discussions, questions, answers and a chance to express opinions. Mass will be celebrated and there will be opportunities to participate in some of the traditional practices of our faith. The time away at Pallottine takes us “off the clock” and allows us to slow down and reflect upon things that are truly important. Although we see each other at church, we often don’t know our fellow parishioners. Many attendees find that getting to know others in the parish is an added benefit of the retreat.  Please consider and pray about joining us!


Check the bulletin for the next ACTS meeting.