Upgrade Suggestions from Parish Meeting

Uses of Hall
● Wedding receptions if bigger and nicer
● Retreats
● Conferences
● Drawer/storage for utensils under center table (hall kitchen)
● Kitchen repairs - fix everything, exhaust fans
● Renovate plumbing fixtures on hall kitchen sink
● Revamp kitchen
● Open up kitchens
○ Blend 2 together
○ One level
○ Doorway rather than having doors
○ Take dishwasher wall out
● More light in soda tank storage room
Main Hall
● Room dividers
● Take wall out - full size again
● Knock down wall in hall
● LED Lighting system - opportunity to change room aesthetically
● Replace flooring
● Flooring needs to be durable for moving furniture
● Soundproofing - gym upstairs
● Larger monitors in hall
● Padded chairs
● Fix hall for rental - expand it
● Enter through shrimp door for cafeteria - funeral luncheon put up wall
● Projector and screen in cafeteria
● Update cafeteria are for funeral and other uses
● Improve storage room
○ Need efficient ways to move table and chairs in and out
○ Incorporate rooms along the hall
● Loading dock off storage room with ramp
● Classrooms for breakout space
● Folding partition between classrooms
● Could we open up and use the little rooms across the hall for storage (closets)
● PSR classrooms - update audio/visual equipment
● Update classrooms for PSR use
● Electrical issues - need updates
● Electronic sign on corner of Gravois
● Light for Eagle Scout Board
● Blinds need an upgrade
● Windows - can we open them? Energy efficient, safe?
● Ladies Room - add handicap stool
● Chair holders
● New chairs
● Round tables
● Beyond Sunday again
● Events
● Our manpower to do the demo of the hall
● Breakfast every 3rd weekend on regular basis
● Pay as you go... and build
● Fundraiser - parish will respond for PSR upgrade
● Create fundraisers
● Capital Campaign
● Combination of fundraisers (fun events that make money) and capital campaign with
clear vision outlined