Super Bowl Raffle 2021

The SuperBowl is Sunday, February7th.  While we will not be able to gather for our traditional Super Bowl party this year, we will be hosting a "virtual" SUPER RAFFLE where one lucky ticket will win $10,000.

There are eight cash prizes.
First Prize: $10,000
Second Prize: $1000
Two $500 prizes
Four $250 prizes  

Only 350 tickets
A maximum of 350 tickets will be sold at $100 each.  This increases everyone’s chance to win a prize.  We encourage you to split the cost of the tickets with friends and family, but if you cannot find someone willing to split the cost with you, we have options!
20% tickets.
For each $20 donation, we will place your name on a ticket with a maximum of four other names.  As an example, if you give $20, your name will be on that ticket once, and you will receive 20% of the winnings if the ticket is pulled.  If you give $40, your name will be on that ticket twice, and you will receive 40% of the winnings if the ticket is pulled, and so on for $60 and $80 donations.
Drawing on ZOOM.
We will carry the drawing on Zoom during halftime of the Super Bowl.  Please include your email and phone number on the raffle ticket; we will use the email to send you an invitation to the Zoom event, and we will use the phone number to contact you directly if you win.
How to buy tickets.
  1. In person at all the weekend masses including the masses Super Bowl weekend.
  2. Contact John Fechter at (314) 283-5713 to arrange a safe ticket pick up.
  3. Mail a check to the Rectory or stop by for a ticket.
Fundraising during the Pandemic.
Your participation is particularly appreciated this year due to our limited ability to fully host fundraisers like the fish fry and chicken dinners.
Please note, a minimum of 135 tickets must be sold to do the drawing.