Notes from Our Pastor

April 25, 2021

Dear parishioners:

Two weeks ago, the priests of the South County Deanery had an “in person” meeting for the first
time in months! How nice not to be zooming! It was also our first chance to gather with
Archbishop Rozanski. We had a very enjoyable opportunity to share our parishes’ joys and
successes and difficulties and struggles.

While taking questions, the archbishop was asked if he had any thoughts on how we can begin to
evangelize more effectively. A complex question without easy answers. One thing the
Archbishop suggested stays with me. He said that we as Catholics should be proud of all the
beautiful work we do to build up the kingdom of God! Pride that God uses us to touch so many
with His love!

That the needs of so many are met through the Annual Catholic Appeal should fill us with pride!
Whether it is the Mobile Medical or Dental Clinic that serves the poorest areas of our
archdiocese, the support for Parish Food Pantries, the Criminal Justice Ministry, Immigrant and
Refugee Support, the Respect Life Apostolate, support for Catholic education or . . . , the list
goes on.

Thank you for your consistent and generous support of the Annual Catholic Appeal. In making
your pledge you are not just touching the lives of so many people who live throughout the
region, but bringing them a sign of God’s love and care! We have every reason to be proud that
God works so wonderfully through the members of Seven Holy Founders Catholic Community!
We should not be hesitant to share our pride!

Thank you to all who have already made a pledge to the campaign. You can come to the parish
hall all Sunday morning if you still want to do so! May God bless all the ministries the ACA
supports and may people be led closer to His love by your generosity!

In the Risen Christ!

Fr. John


April 18, 2021

Dear parishioners:

When we read the Passion on Palm Sunday I often find myself asking, “Would I have been part
of the crowd yelling ‘crucify him’ on Jesus’ Good Friday?” Odd thought I know, but there are
times in my life that I have made choices to reject Jesus! I share with you a reflection that Fr.
Paul Turner wrote years ago on today’s first reading. May it bring you the same comfort it brings

“Once in a while we make bad choices . . . really bad choices. What could make us feel better?
We’d feel better if we knew that other people have made worse mistakes than we did, and
somehow overcame their bad choices.

Surely no one made worse choices than the people subjected to Peter’s sermon in the Acts of the
Apostles. Peter tells them God gave them Jesus, but they handed him over to Pilate and missed
the opportunity to grant him freedom. They asked freedom for a murderer instead.

God overcame this blunder with the mightiest act in history: God raised Jesus from the dead.
Peter and the others witnessed the risen Jesus.

Peter’s audience had made some really bad choices. They had a chance to spare Jesus from
death, but instead they were responsible for it.

All was not lost. “Repent and be converted,” Peter told them, “that your sins may be wiped
away.” And look who’s talking . . . a man who repeatedly denied knowing Jesus. He made a very
bad choice. And now this man is the risen Jesus’ chief witness.

We have the same opportunity whenever we make bad choices. We can repent and change our
ways. The God who raised Jesus has the power to forgive us. God can raise us from despair to

In the Risen Christ,

Fr. John

April 11, 2021

Dear parishioners:

Welcome to the newest members of our parish family! Brooklyn Hamman and
Cindy Herbig made a Profession of Faith at this year’s Easter Vigil. Brooklyn and
Nathan Buedel were also Confirmed. Brooklyn received Eucharist for the first
time. Jennifer Rothweiler will be Confirmed and receive Eucharist for the first
time this Sunday.

Thank you to Sr. Pat who led them through this journey of faith in a pandemic
year (no easy journey). Thanks to Brooklyn, Nathan, Jennifer and Cindy for their
example of faithfulness. Your love of God and desire to follow His will in your life
is an Easter gift to us all!

I ask you to keep in prayer our 8th graders who are preparing to receive the
Sacrament of Confirmation and our 2nd graders who are preparing to receive
Jesus in the Eucharist for the first time! Thanks to their parents, our catechists,
and our Parish School of Religion coordinator, Jenifer Broyles, who did a
magnificent and creative job of helping our children grow in faith in such a difficult

As more and more are able to feel comfortable returning to church after being
vaccinated, we thank God for seeing us through this year and bringing us hope
as we gather as a parish family!

In Christ,

Fr. John

April 4, 2021

Christ is Risen!
He is Risen indeed!

Dear Parishioners and Guests, welcome!

To those who gather at Seven Holy Founders and to those live-streaming safely at home,
welcome! What a joy to be able to gather in church! Just a year ago we were all quarantining!
This Easter we have reason to celebrate as infections from the virus are down as more and more
people are vaccinated! There is some hope that we will be able to gather with family and friends,
and yes, to come together at Seven Holy Founders to pray together!

A special welcome this Easter to all our guests! To those from another parish or from out of
town, to those who are not of our Catholic faith, to our college students and young people home
with their families, to anyone serving in the military who is home on leave (thank you!) and

Of course, we rejoice in the many wonderful parishioners of Seven Holy Founders who are with
us this Easter Sunday and to those who are live-streaming! Each Sunday more and more
parishioners are safely returning to celebrate Eucharist. What a joy to see your masked faces! May God bless us all with the power and life flowing from
the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Thank you to all who helped make our celebration of the Triduum so beautiful and inspiring. Our
parish is blessed with so many who live stewardship in ministering to their fellow parishioners!

As we gather this Easter, we are mindful of those who have suffered loss of health or of a loved
one since last Easter. We pray especially for those whose lives have been touched by the corona
virus. May the celebration of Christ’s resurrection bring you comfort, healing and peace!

To all, may you have an Easter week filled with hope and peace!

Fr. John




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