Notes from Our Pastor

January 26,2020

Dear parishioners:
Recently Deacon Tom and I had the opportunity to sit down and visit with the parents of our
second grade children in our Parish School of Religion. The children had celebrated the
Sacrament of Reconciliation in Advent and now have begun to prepare for First Eucharist! I
know that Deacon Tom was just as edified as I was by those visits. The sincerity of parents in
wishing them to know Jesus is evident.

I am so grateful for all our parents who entrust their children to Our Parish School of Religion
and Holy Cross Academy. At the baptism of their children, parents are asked to be “the first
and best teachers of their children in the ways of faith!”

Holy Cross Academy and our own PSR assist parents greatly in carrying out their vocation as
parents! We have so many loving grandparents in our parish who so generously support the
mission of Catholic education!

I’d like to suggest that Catholic Education is not just for children and
grandchildren! “ChristLife: Discovering Christ” is a unique opportunity for the adults of our
parish to grow closer to Christ: a light meal, a simple video teaching, and a chance for some
conversation. What a great way to spend a Lenten evening!

Thanks to so many who have already registered! What a great way to show our children and
grandchildren, nieces and nephews, that we can always grow closer to Christ and his Living
Body, the Church! Come join us!

In Christ,
Fr. John

P.S. Please look in this bulletin for information about how to assist at our Lenten Fish Fries!


January 19, 2020

Dear parishioners:
Welcome to Ordinary Time! The Christmas Season has ended and Lent is six weeks away!
Although we call this in-between time Ordinary Time, is there ever anything ordinary about
coming together on Sunday to hear Jesus speak to our hearts and feed us with His Body and

It is a great time for planning. Plan now to join your fellow parishioners at ChristLife,
Discovering Christ! Sessions begin Tuesday, February 18th: a light dinner, prayer, a
professional video and group discussion.

What a great Lent for all who are able to attend! What a wonderful chance to grow closer to
Christ and his Living Body, the good people of Seven Holy Founders!

Consider taking a chance on the Super Bowl Raffle and attending the party on February 2nd. The
money raised from last year’s raffle has been used to update the projector and screen in the
parish hall! Thanks to all who sponsored this important fund raiser and all who support it! Look
forward to a new clearer picture at all the events in the Parish Hall.

In Christ,
Fr. John


January 12, 2020

Dear parishioners:
I’d like to invite you over for a little dinner and conversation! Oh yes, this might entail a little
spiritual growth along the way!

Starting on Tuesday, February 18th, the parish will begin a Lenten journey just a bit early. What
could be a better natural way for people to gather than around good food and good conversation!
ChristLife, Discovering Christ, will offer that opportunity for all who come. Each Tuesday from
February 18th to March 31st you can gather in the Parish Hall at 6:30pm for a light meal. For
approximately 30 minutes we will then watch a professionally produced video.

Some of the topics addressed in Discovering Christ are “What is the meaning of life? Why does
Jesus matter? New life in the Spirit!” We will then have some time for conversation. We have so
much to gain from hearing from fellow parishioners. Don’t worry if you are not much of a talker
. . . being a good listener is just fine.

I am very excited that we are able to offer this Lenten opportunity here at Seven Holy Founders!
I am extremely grateful for those who have worked so diligently and quickly to organize these

Good food and conversation may not seem like much of a Lenten sacrifice. I have no doubt that
it can lead all who come closer to joyous a Easter. Many parishioners are already planning on
making this journey together. Plan now to join them.

You can check the bulletin for more details and there are registration cards at the doors of

In Christ,
Fr . John






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