Notes from Our Pastor

August 25,2019

Dear parishioners:

We are blessed with so many of you who generously serve as liturgical ministers here at Seven Holy

Whether it is as server, usher, lector, Eucharistic minister, musician, cantor, choir member or those
who help clean church each Friday, your ministry helps us all give glory to God as we gather each
week. If you have ever considered serving in any of these ministries I urge you to offer your gifts to
the parish. You will certainly enrich the community.

I have a couple of special requests that I ask you to consider. If you have free time on some
weekdays would you consider assisting at funerals? I am so grateful for the funeral choir who is so
dutiful in coming and helping comfort those who mourn. Many family members of our deceased
parishioners have expressed their gratitude for the choir’s presence and ministry. We can always
welcome more who want to raise their voices in praise of God and support to those who grieve.

If you feel you are not a singer, would you consider serving as a Eucharistic Minister at funerals? At
times the family of the deceased don’t have anyone that serves as a Eucharistic Minister. I’d like to
create a list of ministers whom we could call on when there are no family members available. It is a
comfort to be able to receive both Christ’s Body and Blood as we gather to mourn. If you have an
interest in serving when you are available, call or email me. You don’t need to a be Sunday minster
to serve at funerals.

In Christ,
Fr. John

August 18, 2019

Dear parishioners:

On Monday morning as I write this column, Fr. Don Buhr is at Mercy hospital on Ballas Road.
Hopefully, by the time you are reading this he will be in rehabilitation at Our Lady of Good

Over a month ago Fr. Don had a medical procedure that kept him in the hospital for a few days.
His hope was that he would heal quickly and be able to join us again at the parish. Upon leaving
the hospital he went for rehab to build his strength. He was back at Regina Cleri for just a few
days before his health demanded that he return to Mercy.

I hope to be able to give you an update on his health as we gather this weekend. Of course Fr.
Don is grateful for your concern and welcomes your prayers for a return to health.

And . . . I hope to see many of you this Sunday afternoon for our Spaghetti dinner!
What a nice idea! Thanks to all who are preparing the meal and giving us an opportunity to
gather together.

In Christ,
Fr. John


August 11, 2019

Dear Parishioners:

August has come, the children are heading back to school, college students to their campuses,
where did summer go? As always happens as summer wanes, parishes begin to get focused
on the future.

This is an opportunity for me to share some updates on the spiritual and material
life of the parish. Concerning the spiritual life of the parish, I announced at our annual
parish meeting that I hoped to explore opportunities to invite the entire parish into
a spiritual formation experience. We are blessed with many programs offered throughout
the year. We are looking for one offering that may appeal to all parishioners so that we
can share a common experience.

A small group of parishioners are searching for one program that might help all parishioners
grow in faith. Keep our efforts in your prayers.

We are also working towards one Sunday of the month having the 9am Mass be a Mass
where our PSR and HCA children will help minister. We hope to offer a Children’s liturgy
of the Word at that Mass for our parishioners who have little ones. There will be more details
coming soon!Over the summer we have been able to complete work on our drainage issues
at the Parish Center. Surprise! It became a much bigger project than anticipated. Soon we will
be able to move the Adoration Chapel to the larger remodeled space! We will be working
on those plans in the near future!

We continue to work with the Archdiocese to see if there are any parties interested in
purchasing Tiger Field. As I wrote in the past, there will be a certain sadness in the property
off of Tesshire no longer serving the parish. At this point the reality is that none of the
Holy Cross Academy Parishes, where our children play CYC Sports, are interested in using
the property. There has been vandalism on the property and we are still paying for insurance
coverage of the property. I’ll let you know if there are any updates.

To all our children, blessings on a new school year, especially to our college students returning
to their campuses!

In Christ,
Fr. John




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