Notes from Our Pastor

February 17, 2019

Dear parishioners:
Reflections on our Parish Mission –
                                                          Part One
                                                   Anthony Anthony.
                                        A bald man in a Walmart Bathroom.
                                                      A jumpmaster.

Jesus spoke in parables because a good story stays with us! As thoughts of the Parish Mission
begin to fade, the parables that Fr. Ron Hoye shared and the lessons they taught don’t have to
fade. They can still lead us to a closer relationship with God. So for those who were able to
attend and those who were not, let me do a bit of translation! (at least as I would translate some
of Fr. Ron’s great parables!)
Anthony Anthony: Life is not about me! A server in a rushed conversation before a funeral
wisely answers when Fr. Ron asks, “are you here to serve for me?” . . . “No, I’m here to serve
God!” It’s not about me! Wow! How counter cultural is that statement? The more we
understand what life is about the more we are filled with gratitude. Filled with gratitude our
lives will be turned towards God!
A bald man in a Walmart bathroom: It is not only when we are desperate and broken that God
can intervene in our lives, although he can at those times. God has the power, if we turn our lives
over to him in prayer, to make us beautiful and to constantly remind us that we are beautiful,
made in God’s very image and likeness. God smiles in delight when we use our gifts and talents
and find joy in them!
A jumpmaster: The Holy Spirit (even if we can’t remember the Spirit’s seven gifts) can pry our
grasping hands and hearts away from our fears, doubts, anger, our self-absorption and addictions
and lead us to an abundant life! A life filled with joy and hope!
For so many of you, (and there were so many of you) who were able to come to the mission,
what did you hear in the parables of Fr. Ron? A good story stays with us. Take some time to
reflect . . . what did God say to your hearts?
Whether you were able to attend the mission or not, what a comfort to know that God is
calling us to turn to him, to pray, and to let the Holy Spirit take over our lives and make our life
abundant, filled with joy and hope!

In Christ’s love,
Fr. John


February 10, 2019

Young Adults!
You are invited to a simple gathering on Friday Evening, February 22nd from 6 to 8 pm
in the Mary Room of the Parish Center! It is a joy to see more and more young adults
in the neighborhood coming to worship with us on the weekends! It seems to
be a good time to have the opportunity to get to know each other a bit.
If you are single or married, come if you can, for a few minutes or the entire evening. We
will have some happy hour refreshments and food! Babysitting will be available on site.

To the whole parish, no matter young or old!
You are invited to an Open House for the parish offices and the rectory on Sunday, March
3rd from 12:30pm until 3:00pm. Come and see the work that has been done in the parish offices
and the rectory over the last couple of years!

And don’t forget that the Meet the Leaders event that was snowed out has been rescheduled
for Sunday, March 10th!

In Christ,
Fr. John


February 3. 2019

Dear Parishioners:
See you at the parish Mission!
We are so glad to have Fr. Ron Hoye C.M. with us this weekend and look forward to gathering
with him, our neighbors, guests and fellow parishioners at 7:00pm on Monday through
Wednesday evening! I know the time spent together will be a blessing for each of us and for the

Now some future dates to plan for. The “Meet the Leaders” gathering that was cancelled
because of the snow storm has been rescheduled for Sunday, March 10th. Hopefully no snow will
be falling in March. So plan on coming over after morning Masses, having coffee and donuts
and finding out the various ministries and opportunities to serve the parish and community that
are part of our parish life!

Young Adults, you are invited to a reception from 6:00 to 8:00pm on Friday night, February
22nd in the Parish Center. It has been a wonderful thing to see the number of young adults
growing in the parish. We hope this will be an opportunity for you to meet each other, so come
by for a few minutes or for the entire evening.

There will be more details in next week’s bulletin, so save the date.

In Christ’s love,
Fr. John




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