Notes from Our Pastor

 January 10, 2021


Dear parishioners:

We begin this New Year with hopes of restoration and healing for ourselves and our world. I thank you for your constant support of your parish throughout a difficult time. Although, as you might suspect, contributions have been down slightly, Seven Holy Founders is blessed by your financial support.

During this last year we were not able to carry on several fund-raising events that also support our mission. You may remember that the pandemic caused us to cancel half of our Fish Fries last Lent. The monthly parish bingo has been on hiatus since last spring.  

I ask that you consider supporting the annual Super Bowl Raffle. The monies raised by the raffle have been a constant gift to the parish. You may have received a Flocknote with details of the raffle already. They are also in this bulletin. 

Perhaps you can purchase a $100 dollar ticket or you may want to find ten friends and buy a ticket together. If you want to pay $20 we will make sure you are on a ticket with four others to share equally if you should win. The maximum of 350 tickets can be sold with the grand prize winner receiving $10,000. A minimum of 135 must be sold to hold the raffle! 

We all wait for the day when we will be able to gather for fellowship, prayer, faith sharing and fundraising! Until that day, would you consider supporting this fundraising effort?  

Thanks again for you generosity in supporting SHF!

In Christ,
Fr. John       




January 3, 2021

Dear parishioners:
We gather to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany. Emmanuel, who was promised
over the centuries as a Savior for the Jews, was revealed as our Savior too! Magi
from the East came into Christ’s presence to offer gifts of gold, frankincense and
myrrh. We come into Jesus Christ’s presence at the Eucharist with hearts filled
with gratitude for his love and his promise of Eternal Life!

I invite you to pray for blessings of peace and hope on all who enter your home in
this coming year. Grateful for Jesus’ love, may we all be signs of his love and
compassion to all. After a year of separation and sadness, may we soon be able
to visit each other and be a sign of God’s presence!

Epiphany Home Blessing
Lord, God of heaven and earth,
you revealed your only begotten Son
to every nation by the guidance of a star.
Bless this home and all who inhabit it.
Fill us with the light of Christ,
that our concern for others may reflect your love.
We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
With chalk, mark the lintel of yur door with the inscription 20+C+M+B+ 21
for the year and the traditional names of the three wise men: Caspar, Melchior
and Balthasar; or the Latin blessing, “Christus Masionem Benedicat” - -
May God bless this house!

Fr. John

P.S. On behalf of Fr. Brown and myself, thank you for your warm Christmas
greetings and generous gifts!


December 27, 2020

Dear Parishioners:
One this feast of the Holy Family I share a reflection on today’s scripture that Fr. Paul Turner wrote for Liturgy Training Publications a number of years ago.

“No matter whose child you are, you are a blessing. The miracle of your existence is a gift from God.

On this first Sunday of the Christmas season we remember the relationship that exists among family members. We celebrate with family and friends during these days of Christmas, we tell once again the family tales, we look to the Holy Family as an example for our lives, and we thank God for the family we have received.

One of the stories we remember today is about Abraham’s family. God promised him that he would father a child. But Abraham was old. He complained that his inheritance would pass to his steward because he had no son.

God told Abraham that he was wrong. There would be a son. So even in his old age, Abraham put his faith in God’s promise. Only then did Sarah conceive Abraham’s child.

The birth of Isaac was a miracle. Your birth was a miracle too. Do you know the circumstances of your own birth? Were your parents hoping for you? Were you a surprise? Even if you surprised them, you did not surprise God, who promised you life in the eternal plan of salvation. You are part of God’s holy family!” 

Happy New Year!

Fr. John






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