Notes from Our Pastor

September 27, 2020

Dear parishioners:
There are many things we are missing because of the limitations that the pandemic places on
gathering together. One of those is the chance to come together for faith formation. A way to
keep growing in faith is to access our parish subscription to FORMED. You can discover
thousands of books, talks, movies, documentaries and more! Over a hundred of your fellow
parishioners have been taking advantage of FORMED! I want to thank Sue Erschen for giving
suggestions in the bulletin each week for your viewing or listening and the opportunity to share
your thoughts!

Plan on joining us on Sunday, October 4th, as we celebrate our 9:00 a.m. Mass outdoors! If you
have been hesitant to gather in church for Mass, you can bring a folding chair and find a socially
distanced place on the parking lot where you will feel comfortable! We will gather on the lower
parking lot between the Hall and Church. Extra chairs will be available, and Communion will be
brought to you so you can be safe!

On Saturday, October 10th, at noon, you are invited to gather on the grass between the school and
church to pray the rosary for our country! Bring a rosary, a mask, but not a partisan spirit! We
will ask Mary, the patroness of our country and the Americas, to intercede for us. So, no political
stickers, shirts or hats . . . . just a humble spirit of prayer that Mary may intercede for our

In Christ,
Fr. John


September 20, 2020

Save the Dates!

Dear parishioners:
On Sunday, October 4th, we will celebrate our 9:00 a.m. Mass outside on the lower
parking lot, between the hall and church!

We hope that some parishioners who are hesitant to come to church because of the
Corona Virus will feel more comfortable gathering outside. So, bring a mask, a lawn
chair (chairs will also be provided) and find a place where you feel comfortable. You will
be able to keep your distance. We will bring Holy Communion to you where you are
seated. We will be providing spaces for handicapped parking. There will be more details
to come, but “save the date”!
In case of inclement weather, the makeup date will be on October 11th!

And . . . On Saturday, October 10th, at 12 noon, you are invited to gather on the lawn
between the church and school building to pray the rosary for our country as our
national elections draw near. Bring a rosary, a mask, but do not bring a partisan spirit!
We are asking Mary, the patron of our county and of the Americas, to intercede for us.
So, no partisan stickers, shirts or hats . . . just a spirit of prayer that God watch over our

Hope to see you at these masked and socially distanced gatherings!

In Christ!
Fr. John


September 13, 2020

Dear Parishioners:
This Sunday at the 9:00am Mass we will ask God’s blessings on the mission of our Parish
Council as we begin a new Council year! I am especially grateful to those who have served so
faithfully and are now leaving the council. To Annette Cook, Jeri Pieschel, Matt Coco and Kevin
O’Toole, thank you for helping guide our parish family that you love so much!

Welcome to our new members! A number of parishioners were nominated to serve on the
Council as we began the selection process in July. After taking time to pray and discern, four
parishioners felt called to serve this year. Our new Council Members are Mary Gereaux, Colleen
Konold, Marianne McVey-Twellman and Barry Papke.

We are grateful to our Council Members and to those who serve on the Finance and Maintenance
Committees. We rely on their judgment on so many important matters as they lead the parish.
We are blessed with dedicated leadership!

Please pray for all our parish leadership as a new Council year begins!

Heavenly Father,
You have chosen your beloved people to lead our parish.
Be pleased with all their efforts to love and serve you,
in word, worship and work.

Give your blessings to all our leaders and let them be pleasing to you.
Guide their activities by the light of your spirit, and help them to work
for your honor and glory and for the benefit of all your people.

Father, we praise your name forever and ever! Amen.

In Christ,
Fr. John




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