Notes from Our Pastor



April 22, 2018


Dear parishioners:
The 50th anniversary of the dedication of our present Seven Holy Founders Church draws near. I find
myself wondering how many lives have been changed in this beautiful church we call home. There is no
greater gift for a Christian than to become a child of God in the waters of baptism. There is no greater gift
that a person made in the "image and likeness" of God, can give to another human being than the gift of
unconditional love in the Sacrament of Marriage. There is no better way we can have more
intimacy with Jesus on the face of the earth, than to eat His Body and drink His Blood in the gift of

So the numbers at the top of this column are sacraments that have taken place since the Church
was dedicated, May 12th, 1968. Four thousand, four hundred and fifty-nine people have come to the waters of baptism. Eight hundred and forty- three couples have come to the altar to profess their marriage vows. Four thousand, seven hundred and fifteen have made their First Holy Communion.

Those numbers are wonderful to contemplate. What is more wonderful is to contemplate how
many faithful members of the parish have come together week after week, month after month, year after
year to be strengthened by the Eucharist. Not just to "go to church" but to be the church, the Living Body
of Christ, to our community.

We have reason to celebrate! So plan on coming to 4:30pm Mass on Saturday May 12th! We
have the honor of gathering with Archbishop Carlson, Fr. John Fontana and so many faithful
parishioners! Come to the gathering in the Parish Hall after Mass. I look forward to celebrating with

And . . . pray for the little ones who will soon be coming to the waters of baptism, for those who
will soon enter into the sacrament of marriage, those who will soon be Confirmed and our second graders
who will receive Eucharist for the first time next Sunday!

Easter Peace!
Fr. John


April 15, 2018

Dear parishioners:

The celebration of the 50th anniversary of the dedication of our Church and the final
celebration of the 90th anniversary of the parish is only a month away.
We are pleased that Archbishop Robert Carlson will be with us to celebrate the 4:30pm
Mass on May 12th. A chance to gather for dinner with fellow parishioners and guests will
follow the celebration of Mass. Please look at the note in this week’s bulletin which has
information for making reservations for the dinner following the Eucharist.

The Annual Catholic Appeal enables Catholics to reach out as a community to serve so many
needs! Through your generosity to the ACA, the lives of so many people in the St. Louis region
are touched by the love and mercy of God. The Appeal will take place in our parish the
weekends of April 21/ 22 and of April 28/29. Thanks to those who have already made pledges to
the appeal. Thanks in advance for those who have been so consistently generous in our parish.

And . . . thank you to those in Seven Holy Founders who donated to the First Holy Cross
Academy Appeal! Along with the other parishes that make up the academy, over $37,000 was

Pray for our 2nd graders and their parents! They will receive the gift of Eucharist for the first
time Sunday, April 29th at the 11am Mass. Pray for our 8th graders, as well as the 8th graders
from Holy Cross Academy and the Parish School of Religion Programs, who will receive the
Sacrament of Confirmation on May 9th here at Seven Holy Founders. May they all remain close
to the love of Christ in the Eucharist and may the Holy Spirit lead them to Joy!

Easter Peace!
Fr. John


April 8, 2018

Dear parishioners:
This June it will be three years since Fr. Don and I came to call Seven Holy Founders home.
It has been a joy and privilege for both of us to live and serve here. When I came as your
pastor, Fr. Don came with the title "senior priest in residence." The title is one that a retired
priest who lives at a parish is given. It indicates that the priest can choose to be involved in
parish life to whatever degree he wishes. Of course Fr. Don has immersed himself in the life
of the parish and we are all grateful!

In mid-April Fr. Don will be moving to a new residence. Please read Fr. Don's note in this
bulletin explaining that he will be moving down Laclede Station Road to Regina Cleri. Although his residence will change, Fr. Don is so close that he will still be serving the parish, helping with Masses and coming to any events he wishes.

When the change takes place, Fr. Don's address will be 10 Archbishop May Drive, 63119.
The general phone number for Regina Cleri is 314-968-2240.

Please take time to read Fr. Don's note and pray for him in this time of transition.

Easter Peace!
Fr. John









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