Notes from Our Pastor

August 9, 2020

Dear Parishioners:
This week we are happy to introduce a new way for us to keep in touch! I invite
you to connect with us on line or by text by using flocknote.

It has become obvious during the pandemic that we so often rely on sharing
information at Sunday Eucharist or at parish meetings and gatherings. I hope that
"Flocknote" helps us reconnect. There are simple instructions below to allow us to
connect with a text or email! I also want to invite anyone who may not have access
to a smart phone or the internet to call the office and you will be placed on a call
list for sharing important information!

In Christ,
Fr. John



















August 2, 2020

Dear Parishioners:
This coming Saturday we will be celebrating the First Holy Communion of our Parish School of Religion
children. All of the Holy Cross Academy parishes will be celebrating this weekend.
Because of the pandemic we delayed celebrating until we were able to gather in church and feel that it
was safe to do so.
I ask your prayers that our children who come to receive Jesus’ Body and Blood for the first time may
always stay close to Him in the gift of the Eucharist.
Congratulations to our children, their parents and our catechists who have led them to this great gift!

If you have not yet been able to take advantage of our parish subscription to FORMED, I urge you to do
so.  Each week there has been an invitation in the bulletin to watch a particular FORMED video. While we
can’t meet personally, it is a way to start a parish-wide conversation and continue to be formed in our
faith.  Please read the invitation in this week’s bulletin and join in growing in your faith with fellow parishioners.

A session of GRIEF SUPPORT GROUP begins this Thursday from 9:00 am to 10:30 am in the parish
hall. There is ample space in the hall to maintain social distancing and view video presentations.
Griefshare is a special weekly seminar and support group designed to help you rebuild your life after
experiencing the loss of a loved one. It is not too late to join, so contact Sr. Pat if you are interested.

Shortly we will be able to stay in touch with you via email and text messages through FLOCKNOTES! It
has been difficult to stay in touch in this time of pandemic and we are excited to have this
communications tool available to us!

We live in a time when all of us have a sense that we are not in control. It is a time when we can invite
those who do not have faith to consider that God will see us all through difficult times. Do you know
anyone who is searching? Perhaps you can invite them to draw closer to God in the Catholic Faith!
If you know anyone who has an interest in our Catholic Faith, please contact Sr. Pat and she will be able
to assist them in the RCIA journey!

And . . . I hope that many of us have voted by absentee ballot already, but if you haven’t and
feel that you will not be putting yourself at risk, please vote this Tuesday.
Voting for Medicaid Expansion for the Stare of Missouri is an important Pro-Life issue that will help
provide health care for our most vulnerable citizens, including the elderly, the disabled,
pregnant women and children!

In Christ,
Fr. John


July 26, 2020

Statement of the Missouri Catholic Bishops on Medicaid Expansion (Amendment 2)
We wish to express our support for the current effort tro expand the Missouri Medicaid (MO HealthNet) program . MO Healthnet currently provideshealth coverage to Missouri's most vulnerable citizens, including the elderly, the disabled, pregnanat women , and children.  It plays a vital role in sustaining the healthcare delivery system in our state.  In our Catholic ministiries throughout the state, however, we find that thereare still many Missouri citizens who lack access to affordable healthcare coverage that is so necessary for human flourishing.  We, therefore support expanding the program  to cover low-income workers, since doing so will lead to better health outcomes for them and enhance their ability to continue working to support themselves and their families.

We recognize that some may not agree with expanding Medicaid by way of a constitutional amendment  or in  a manner that bypasses the state legislative process.  We offer our support for this effort because  of the unmet healthcareneeds of the working poor and to ensure the continued delivery of care to those who need it most through the Missouri healthcare system, including Missouri's Catholic hopitals.  We offer this support understanding that current federal law includes pro-life protections in Medicaid through the Hyde Amendment.  We encourage Catholics and others of goodwill to give serious consideration to supporting this effort to expand the Missouri Medicaid program.

Catholc Bishops of Missouri
Most Reverand Robert J. Carlson                                       Most Reverand James V. Johnson, Jr.
General Chairman                                                               Vice Chairman
Archbishop of St. Louis                                                       Bishop of Kansis City-St. Joseph

Most Reverant W. Shawn McKnight                                    Most Reverand Edward M. Rice
Executive Chairman                                                             Bishop of Springfield-Cape Giradeau
Bishop of Jefferson City
                                                                                                          Approved October 16, 2019




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