SHF Men's ACTS Retreat

Attention Men of the parish…. Please consider joining us on our next Men’s ACTS Retreat!!!! The Retreat begins on Thursday evening Dec. 2nd and concludes at 11 AM Mass on Dec. 5th here at SHF. It will be held on the beautiful grounds of the Pallottine Renewal Center in Florissant. All transportation, room and meals are provided. Please sign up early so your spot is reserved. Please contact Mike Twellman at 314-960-5478 or email at with any questions or if you need more information. Join other men, just like YOU, as we travel on our Faith journey together.

Why am I going on an ACTS Retreat? “The ACTS Retreat is a great way to meet and connect with other men of the parish that share the same desire to be stronger in their faith. The ACTS Retreat has brought some of the very best people into my life, people that I now consider close friends, that have shown me how to be a better Catholic and a better person. Please take the time to experience the ACTS retreat this Dec. 2nd-5th.” Mike Twellman Email: Phone: 314-960-5478 

Why am I going on an ACTS Retreat? "The ACTS Retreat here at SHF has been a blessing in my life spiritually and personally. The weekend is an eye opening experience on multiple levels. It bolsters my faith each time, and reaffirms in a special way why our Christian Catholic Tradition is home to me. The men of SHF (and beyond in many cases) are truly brothers - men I can count on in any circumstance. I am a better man because of SHF, this retreat, and my brothers here in Christ. Please consider joining us, men just like you, for a weekend growing together in Christ through Adoration of our Lord, Community, Theology, and Service. I can personally attest to the fact that your leap of faith will be rewarded many times over this Dec. 2 nd-5 th.” Seth Gregg 573-225-2480

Why am I going on an ACTS Retreat? "The men’s ACTS retreat builds fraternity at SHF. Men who were just familiar faces turn into fellowship. This community has shown me how to live with purpose rather than drift by. It is a community who is genuinely interested in welcoming and helping each person who participates. This authentic group of men challenges me to improve myself by each of their living examples. Please genuinely consider joining us for ACTS retreat Dec 2nd- 5th, a weekend guaranteed to be filled with camaraderie and spiritual growth.” Don Sinak

I ask the men of our parish to consider joining the team on the Men’s ACTS retreat from Thursday evening, December 2nd to Sunday, December 5th. Really, I ask that you do more than consider it. Pray! Ask the Holy Spirit to draw you into a closer relationship with Jesus and His living body, the Church. Perhaps the retreat will be the beginning of that new growth for you!   Father John

SHF also has ACTS Retreats for women.