St. Vincent de Paul Society

Father John Blessing the new St. Vincent De Paul statue.  SVdP Commisioning & Commitment Ceremony.



SVdP has a quarterly gathering of all the conferences in the Gravois District.  There are 15 parish conferences in the Disrict.  The downtown Council office had 5 members present.  Dinner was catered and then the meeting was conducted.  The meeting presented a few new initiatives along with news and updates.  There was a question and answer period to address Vincentians issues and concerns.

The SVdP truck picked up items parishioners donated, it was nearly full of just SHF donations.


The Society of St. Vincent De Paul is the world’s largest social assistance organization.
The Seven Holy Founder’s conference has been aggregated (a part of it) since March 2, 1964.
Over the course of 2019 we have helped hundreds of individuals and families with food, utility
payments and rents.
Additionally, our two parish cook-in teams with the financial support of the SVDP, feed over
400 people a month at the soup kitchen at St. Vincent De Paul Parish downtown.
We also provide clothing and home furnishings to our Neighbors in Need in our parish through
our Thrift Stores Voucher program.
Our support of the Affton Christian Food Pantry, both financially and with food donations,
assists residents (our neighbors) in the 63123 zip code. We are most thankful for all the prayers and novenas that are offered daily for the success of this Vincentian organization.
A very blessed and prayerful thank you to each and every one of our parishioners.
The St. Vincent De Paul Society of Seven Holy Founders.

Dear Generous Parishioners
With the Christmas season rapidly approaching, Seven Holy Founders St. Vincent de Paul Society
is once again asking for assistance of our “Neighbors in Need.”
We are asking you, our generous parishioners, to consider adopting a less fortunate
family for Christmas.
This can be done by individuals or by organizations.
Your generosity last year provided 28 families with warm clothing, toys, food and personal items.
We anticipate an increase in the number of families seeking assistance this year.
For those of you who are not able to adopt a family or join a group, but would still like to participate,
we will have trees in the back of church with stars to purchase
items. We will be needing items such as blankets, pillows, bath and kitchen towels, diapers and gift cards.
Thank you in advance for you continued support for “Our Neighbors in Need.” If you have any questions or
to sign up to adopt a family (either individually or as a group), please call Patty Papke at 680-3134.

Generous Donations Make the Work of the St. Vincent de Paul Society Possible.

Donate Clothing and Small Usable Items

Most Needed Items

Small kitchen appliances, utensils, pots, pans, silverware, bowls, containers etc. 

Clean usable shirts, pants, coats, shoes, dresses, blouses. 

Bedding items such as blankets, sheets, pillows.

To donate these smaller items:
* Drop them in the blue collection bin at the lower level church entrance across from the parish hall and parish center. 
* Leave them at any of the other church entrance ways.
* Drop them off at the rectory office during business hours.
* Call the SHF St. Vincent De Paul hotline phone,
314-631-8248 and leave a message to arrange a time to drop off your items.

PLEASE REMEMBER: This drop box is only for donations of clothing and small household goods.
Please, do not place food donations in this box; we continue to accept and appreciate donations of canned goods and other non-perishable foods to be left in church. ALSO: PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF THE BOX.

Thank you for your continued support and generosity



Donate Food

The St. Vincent de Paul Society appreciates any and all food and paper product donations from
parishioners. The demand the community,
has greatly reduced the availability of food items
we can give to those in need. The need is always
great for high protein, meat, fish, stew, chili, ravioli, tina canned hams etc.  We need your help. Our parish is a kind and loving parish and I think if everyone knew the situation the bins would fill rather quickly. Can you help us fill the shelves? God bless our parishioners!

Most Needed Items

  • Canned meats such as ham, chicken or tuna
  • Other canned foods
  • Any non-perishable food

These items can be brought to church throughout the year and placed in the vestibules.  These food items will be picked up by members of SVDP.  Canned goods can be dropped off at the rectory any day during business hours. 

Make A Cash Gift

Monetary Donations Are Always Welcome. 

  • Place cash or check in a plain envelope marked SVDP and drop it in the collection basket at any time.  Make checks out to SHF SVDP. 
  • Cash or checks can also be placed in the slots/donation boxes near all of the church entrances that are marked St. Vincent De Paul. 
  • When a family member passes away, memorial contributions can be made to SHFand put int he memo section St. Vincent Depaul.

Get Involved

Parish Cook-In Teams

SHF SVDP has 2 cook-in teams that help prepare meals at St. Vincent DePaul Parish.  If you are interested in helping out on either of these teams please call the SHF SVDP hotline (314-631-8248) and leave your name and phone number and a brief message.

Affton Christian Food Pantry

Volunteering During the Week
If you would like to volunteer during the week, the Affton Christian Food Pantry is looking for help.  Contact the Food Pantry at 314-580-3138 and ask for Anna. 

Volunteering with the SHF Team
SHF has a team of volunteers that volunteer once a month.  If you want to help on the SHF team call the hotline phone at 314-631-8248 and leave your name and phone number along with a brief message and we’ll get you in touch with a contact person. Or you can contact Mike Carosone at 314/478/9432 or to volunteer.



Making a Large Donation


To Donate Your Car...

Transportation can be a huge problem for the working poor.  Find information for donating a car on the webside for svdpstlouis.

To Donate Large Household Items...

Pick up can be arranged for large furniture and household items.  For more information check out the SVDP website   Or schedule a pick up by calling 314-881-6006.

All items must be on the first floor for pick-up.

Items Which Can Be Donated

  • Usable Furniture
    • Sofas and chairs
    • Dining room tables and chairs
    • Bedroom furniture
      (NO mattresses)
    • Bed frames, headboards and footboards
    • Desks, bookcases and dressers
  • Large kitchen appliances that are still in working condition including:
    • Stoves
    • Refrigerators
    • Freezers  

The Society now operates seven Thrift Stores in the Metro area.



Food items donated for Thanksgiving and Christmas 2019