Pastoral Council

Meet Your Pastoral Council


Ex-Officio Members


    Fr. John Brennell, Pastor

 Deacon Tom Schiller





Parish Representatives


Annette Hebert, chair

       Barb Buhmann, vice chair    


     Steve Radomski             


     Emma Buerke


      Mary Gereaux

                                                         Colleen Konold secretary


    Seth Gregg


     Marianne McVey Twellman


    Barry Papke


   TJ Eggleston










      Sandy Gerley



        Stephanie True




Photos Courtesy of
Steve Immer, Ingenuity-STL



View Pastoral Council By-Laws

Pastoral Council By-Laws




Our Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council consists of the Pastor, our active deacon and twelve selected members of the parish family.  The lay members of the Council come from a variety of backgrounds and represent many aspects of our parish life.  They are active in St. Vincent dePaul Society, Strenghten Your Brother (SYB), Ladies Ingiting Faith Together (LIFT), ACTS Retreats, Maintenance Committee, Scouts, Parish School of Religion and Holy Cross Academy.  They serve in liturgical roles as lectors, servers, Eucharistic Ministers and greeters.  They can be found helping at parish Fish Fries, bingos and other special events.  Please feel free to reach out to any member of this Council with questions, suggestions or concerns you may have about life in our great parish.


View Pastoral Council By-Laws

Pastoral Council By-Laws



Parishioners wishing to speak before the Council must present their issue to the pastor or council chair at least one month before the scheduled meeting. Parishioners are encouraged to talk with any member of the Council at any time about questions or suggestions they may have.